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About Mina

Celebrating 22 Years of Service Excellence

About Us

Our Mission Statement

Provide the best possible care to patients undergoing surgical services that require expert-level anesthesia and sedation.
Employ only top talent with expertise in all areas of anesthesia and pain management.
Use state-of-the-art practices in modern anesthesia to provide the best possible services.
Continuously train and educate our staff on the most advanced techniques.

Alex & Laura

Two creative minds that came together at art school, Alex and Laura founded Mina with a shared passion for design and sustainability. For them, success is more than just about having a bestselling product.

Every piece in our store has been created with love by Alex and Laura. They take inspiration from the world around them when it comes to shapes, colors, and the clay that they work with.

Join us on our mission to fill every home with beautiful, sustainable décor. 


Our love for the planet has a profound impact on every aspect of our job and our lives. We recognize that the choices we make, from the materials we use to the products we consume, have far-reaching consequences for the safety and beauty of our planet.